Romnick Sarmenta, Harlene Bautista separate

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Romnick, Harlene and kids

In a report by ArnelSerato for, he revealed that couple RomnickSarmenta and Harlene Bautista decided to separate after 19 years of being together as husband and wife.

No details were shared as to the cause of the split, however.

In a joint statement sent by someone close to the couple to on October 4, Romnick and Harlene did not give any detail of their decision to separate but instead asked the public for understanding and respect of their privacy.

They assured the public, supporters, family, and friends, however, that they have remained “great friends.”

Below is their joint statement:

“An appeal for privacy

“Romnick and I have five beautiful children, whom we love and treasure very much – we have spent many years together as best friends and partners in everything that we have done.

“Even more so in raising our family.

“We will always be great friends if not the best of friends.

“With the greatest respect and mutual love, wanting nothing but happiness for each other we have decided to part ways.

“We would like to appeal for privacy, for our children and for each other as well.

“Being public figures, we know that this will not go unnoticed—and we didn’t want speculations, rumours and gossips to destroy the wonderful memories we share, the peace that we continue to have as best friends.

“We both decided that it would be best to issue a statement, in an intention to let this be the first and last time that we talk about it.

“Neither he nor I wish to speak at length about the matter, seeing as to how we had been able to keep the fact for as long as we have.

“We request that our individual supporters, friends and family refrain from making comments or issuing statements that may hurt or offend not only ourselves, but most importantly our beloved children.

“We thank you, for the prayers and support— and most of all for respecting our wishes.

“God bless you.”

Romnick and Harlene were married three times: One, a civil wedding in 1999; then a church wedding held at the University of the Philippines in 2000; and another one in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they renewed their vows in 2002.

The couple first met on the set of the then popular variety show, That’s Entertainment.

Romnick used to be paired with Sheryl Cruz but eventually fell in love and married Harlene.

In a previous interview with, Harlene was asked about the secret of their long union. She said: “Sigurodahil (Maybe) we married for the right reason—na gusto naminna kami nayungmagkasamahabambuhay, hanggangpagtanda. (—we like to be together for life, until old age.)”

In the last interview of PEP with Romnick, however, there was no hint that there were problems in their married life, only petty fights that were easily resolved.