Sarap pamilya, di ba?

BotGlorioso (The Philippine Star) –

MANILA, Philippines — Being familiar faces on TVCs with parents Zoren Legaspi and CarminaVillarroel, twins Cassy and Mavy won’t definitely have a hard time creating their own following, especially now that they have formally joined showbiz after signing a management contract with GMA Artist Center recently.

What came next was their first TV project titled Sarap, Di Ba? that is set to air Saturdays at 10:45 a.m. beginning today. Mavy and Cassy expressed excitement over the new show that will see them do hosting chores with mom Carmina.

During the show’s media launch, video clips flashed on the screen showing Carmina and the twins having fun while video blogging their activities at home.

Carmina said that the show will actually let televiewers see how they are as a family. “We don’t have any characters to portray here. It’s like an extension of our home; of our family so kung paanokosilakinakausapsabahay, I also talk to them that way on-cam because I want it to be authentic. I treat them as my kids and not as co-workers here. This is really us, what you see is what you get.”

In fact, the actress initially planned on guiding her kids on what to do during their first taping day. But she was surprised upon seeing Mavy and Cassy moving comfortably on stage and interacting with guests without any signs of aloofness.

According to Cassy, they will discuss topics with adult and teen guests to find out two different views and try to understand where they are coming from “because we want to bridge the gap between parents and their children. So we will try our best to let them understand each other.”

Carmina added, “Hopefully, the show will help bridge the generation gap. And also, Mavy and Cassy will have their own portions like vlogs and they do them outside the studio. They will talk about the latest trends and fashion among teens.”

Now that Mavy and Cassy have to juggle work and school, the twins do not mind bringing their books and notebooks to the set in order to accomplish their schoolwork.

“We manage our time between work and school by studying during breaks on the set,” shared Mavy while Cassy agreed that teeners should give importance to education.

Asked what does she always remind her twins now that they are in showbiz, Carmina replied, “Actually, not only because they are in showbiz, but I also tell this to them that in life, you cannot please everybody so you just work hard, be yourself, give respect to all and be kind to everyone. Kasi di bakahitgaano kayo kagaling o kahitgaano kayo kabait, you cannot please everybody? It’s better to be kind to everyone.”

According to Carmina, they had a meeting prior to accepting the offer of GMA Artist Center for the twins to be part of the network’s stable of talents.

“Since Zoren is under Artist Center, sinunodnilaangkambal so after we received the offer, Zoren talked to them. He said that the opportunity does not come every day, and Mavy and Cassy agreed to give it a try because they do not know the real world of showbiz yet so this, I think, is a testing ground — if they are meant for showbiz or not.”