Nature is amazing.  It is the source of everything any living thing needs.  As a matter of fact, all matters, animate or inanimate, including superior mankind belongs to nature, no exemption.  Nature therefore sustains every living thing and in a perceptive manner, every non-living thing everywhere.  Nature is not existing in isolation.  It is composite.  And it begins everywhere somewhere.

That somewhere is light.  Remember the Biblical expression “Let there be light!”?  That’s it.  Nature begins with the sunlight and it continues from there.  Those exposed to the sun are healthier than those who are not.  Such explains the fact that in ancient times, most tribes worship the sun.  It triggers growth, it promotes clarity, it provides stability.  That part of our planet exposed to a liberal dose of sunlight is the most vegetative, most active and have a generous filling of minerals and precious materials.

Where life exists without sunlight or a shade of it, it does only in a glimmer.

Let us therefore admit that the Sun is the most important element of nature.  Let us even assume that sunlight is also the most potent source of natural energy.  Science has even discovered that sunlight regulates everything and promotes balance in any living thing.  Sunlight in other words is where energy is expressed, reconfigured and applied.

Let us have a simple trial, a viable, easy and an uncomplicated one.  In the tropics like the Philippines, sunlight begins at 6:30 in the morning.  At seven o’clock AM it is an idyllic ray, a perfect lighting any professional photographer would admit.  At this time, sunlight is never harsh on the skin; it is even smooth and expedient.  Vitamin D from the ray of the sun, any biologist would swear, is liberally sprayed and absorbed by the body.

Stand where the sun is shining, face up with closed eyes and estimate where the sun is.  Make a deep breath through your nostrils; hold on for three seconds, and then exhale slowly through your mouth.  Do not open your eyes yet.  Slowly turn your head to the right, while your eyes, despite the fact that it is closed, leisurely rotate focusing on the sunlight.  After three seconds, turn back to the usual position and gradually turn to the other side.  Do not open your eyes yet.  Continue with the breathing exercises, the usual inhale-exhale work out, then slowly turn your head from one angle to another, until you feel the warmth of the sun.  Science says that if the skin feels the heat biting then Vitamin D has been absorbed already.  After a brief count, say one to five, bow your head and slowly open your eyes.  Look around you and you will be startled at your surroundings.  You will definitely appreciate the colors, the fresh green leaves, the cool bluish shades, the exciting and cracking yellow, the resplendent pinkish red, everywhere the colors are unmistakably reinvigorating.  With that simple ritual, you have basically charged your body and energized your entire being.

I tell you, your day has started correctly.