Senate President Mitch McConnell joins in voicing his views on immigration as expressed by POTUS

News reports concerning the so-called race-baiting G.O.P. representative from Iowa, Congressman Steve King, were still rife when word was repeated how he declared: “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization.  How did that language become offensive?  Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?” Owing to the various expressions of

protests in reference to the King widespread remarks, Kevin McCarthy, the new G.O.P. House Minority Leader gave his word that the aforementioned King diatribe “would not escape punishment.”

What ensued:  McCarthy and the G.O.P. House leadership proceeded to remove King of his positions on the Judiciary, Agriculture and Small Business Committees. The subsequent removals

from those considered “vital” positions were likewise commented on by other notable Republican leaders.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was reported to say: “If King didn’t understand the meaning of his conflicting statements, then he “should find another line of work.”  A member of Congress

representing Wyoming, Liz Cheney, considered the “ranking woman in the House G.O.P. conference,” sided with Senator McConnell.  Cheney not only echoed McConnell’s statement, but clearly

stated, still in reference to King, her colleague: “His language questioning whether or not the notion of white supremacy is offensive, is absolutely abhorrent. We do not support it or agree with it.”

Not wasting any time, the full House passed a resolution: 421-1 definitely considered a marked “rebuke” to King. The same instantly-passed resolution stated how the chamber “once again rejects

White nationalism and White supremacy as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contradictory to the values that define the people of the United States.”

Questions were brought forth:  “Is it worth listening to the sole member of the House who voted against the aforesaid resolution traced to the Chicago Democrat Robby Rush?”

Before the vote was concluded, reportedly, Congressman Rush made mention of King whom he identified as one who “has made a career of making racist statements.”  In Year 2012, King

was singled out as having compared immigrants to dogs, saying that America should take only “the pick of the liter,” and the following year, King was heard to state how immigrants have “calves the size of

cantaloupes from hauling marijuana across the desert.”

Recent news reports conveyed how King “fraternized with far-right groups in Europe,” and how he widely elucidated on that one theory that “Western civilization,” which to him and his followers

believe about white civilization: how it was about to be “swamped by hordes of non-white immigrants and babies…characterized by the far-right,” as “the Great Replacement.”

Likewise, it was learned while in an interview with a “far-right” party in Austria in 2018, King made emphatic his views on the very same subject on “white supremacist” civilization.

Highly noted, is how Donald Trump, who is widely known as one who “comments on anything,” has, up to the current month, not declared his opinions on the most denounced statements

traced to King.  However “quiet,” President Trump has been, in regard to the much-noticed King declarations on race, legal and political analysts have strongly stated their views that the Trump’s

quest for the presidency as early as 2015 “must have helped pave the way for the similar “nationalist” campaign, i.e., through previous years, “particularly in the months preceding the November

2016 election.”

How the then presidential candidate, Trump, openly used “hateful language against undocumented immigrants,” followed by the categories of hate-filled policies he enacted since he first arrived” on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’s  Oval Office were not lost at all on the American populace.

A double standard was likewise observed by the public when it was highly noted by a member of the press how Mitch McConnell when asked about his criticisms on King’s comments on racism,

is still “mum” on Trump’s well-known expressions on the same subject of immigration.

The Senate president replied: “Look, it’s been my practice for the last couple of years not to make sort of random observations of President Trump’s tweeting and other stuff that Congressman King

clearly uttered words that are unacceptable in America.”

Clearly, McConnell cannot resort to avowed denials that he had used the double standard of what is acceptable and not acceptable in politics. Through his selective “manner of repeating his

interpretation of the same expressions on racism,” it does seem how King, the erring congressman, gets a sanction and the White House’s main occupant gets a veritable free pass, has been mainly noted.

Isn’t that striking difference in interpretation of identical quotes traceable to racism something that cannot be denied? Fortunately, there are records of statements that are attributed to the persons

who have been widely known by their views that can no longer be disguised in any way at all. Ceaseless thanks to reliance on the media unfazed by supposedly noted voices in government that can never

stifle the truth in a veritable democracy that has served and continues to serve the people of the United States of America.