SoCal FilAms running in the Nov. 6 elections

Clockwise: Bill Sullivan, Virginia Vivas, Lorri Galloway and husband Mike. Photo by lvsolis
Elito Santarina

CARSON, CA – Four-term Councilmember Elito Santarina has done so much for the people of Carson in his 15 years of dedicated service to the city, but what stands out is his continuous and consistent work that directly benefitted the Filipino community.

Elito, who is running for reelection in the Nov. 6 Carson elections, was responsible for the declaration of December 30 every year as Dr. Jose P. Rizal Day in Carson to honor the Philippines’ national hero, whose life-size statue adorns the front yard of the Carson City Hall.

He was responsible for declaring October 25 as Larry Itliong Day and a paid city holiday, making Carson the only city in the United States to have a special day for the late Filipino labor organizer and leader of the famous Great Delano Grape Strike.

The retired public school teacher also led the approval of the resolution proclaiming October 20 every year as Leyte Landing Commemoration Day in Carson. He initiated the resolution recognizing city-wide the observance of Filipino American History Month in October every year in support of the US Congress actiondeclaring that special month for Filipinos.

Elito also requested in an official letter that was documented to have been received by the White House requesting then President Barack Obama to grant temporary protective status to Filipinos in the United States after the devastation wrought by typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in 2014.

Among the most important resolutions and measures the Councilmember and former Mayor Pro Tem spearheaded in the City Council are:

1) The creation of the Senior Technology/Computer Center of Carson in 2004, which he later expanded in 2006, aptly named Elito Santarina Senior Technology Center; 2) Brought back the reciting of invocation before council meetings and the placement on the wall of the sign “In God We Trust”; 3) Supporting the local observation of National Day of Prayer; 4) Designating the month of May as National Military Appreciation Month; 5) Declaring Oct. 23-31, 2007 as Red Ribbon Week;

6) supporting the prevention of underage drinking; 7) creating the Safety First, Act Now (SFAN) program to improve public safety in the city; 8) creating the Annual Community Friendship Day to celebrate American Independence, Philippine American Friendship Day, and Carson’s diversity; 9) establishing a Technology Advancement and Innovation Commission; 10) Recognizing May as Asian Pacific Heritage Month in Carson;

11) Directing the Carson Green Task Force to develop a Green Business Program; 12) Declaring Carson as Human Trafficking-Free City; 13) Declaring Carson as a Drug-Free City; 14) Consideration of a City Child Identification, Protection and Safety Program; 15) Amending the Carson Municipal Code regulating smoking in certain outdoor places; 16) Supporting the resolution declaring April 14-20, 2013 as the Week of the Young Child; 17) Prohibiting aggressive solicitation in specified locations in the city;

18) Approval of the Carson Social Host Liability Ordinance; 19) Creating the Military Career Day in Carson for high school students in the Southbay; 20) Voted to pass Economic Development Program in the city; 21) Supported the Veterans Housing Program; and 22) Supporting the Carson Colony Artists Housing Program.

Lorri Galloway

ANAHEIM, CA – Lorri Galloway was first elected to the Anaheim City Council on November 2004, and re-elected in 2009. She’s a mayoral candidate on Nov. 6.

“I’m running for mayor,” she stated,“with a bold vision to solve the unique challenges facing Anaheim and provide the leadership that our city deserves, backed by decades of experience to make it a reality.I will be a voice for all of Anaheim, bridging the east hills and the west end, the resorts and small businesses, and law enforcement and the communities they serve.I have the vision and experience gained from a lifetime of service to get results for the people of this community. I believe in Anaheim, and I believe we can do better.”

Lorri adds that she has “seven solutions for Anaheim: build an economy that benefits everyone; solve the homelessness crisis; get tough on gangs, graffiti and vandalism; increase the supply of affordable housing; increase mobility through transportation investments;prepare our children to get ahead; and leverage investments in resorts and tourism.”



Lorri was the keynote speaker at the 27th anniversary and induction ball of the Philippine Women’s University Alumni Association of Southern California on April 9, 2011, held at the Sheraton Downtown Hotel in Los Angeles.

Lorri spoke about the role of women in today’s society. She was introduced by the group’s president, Virginia Vivas, now a retired Anaheim City employee.

“Lorri is a full-blooded Filipino and her maiden name is Medriano,” announced Virgie.“Her father, Feliciano Medriano, now deceased, was from the Northern part of the Philippines, Ilocos.  Her mother, Leticia, is from Cebu.” (She has since passed on.)

Virgie talked about the daughter of immigrants who grew up in a small farming community of Salinas, where her parents worked the fields and taught Lorri the value of hard work.

“She’s an inspiration,” Virgie continued. “She founded the Eli Home for Abused and Neglected Children,” a nationally recognized organization that has received numerous accolades including two Presidential Awards: the 338th Point of Light from former President George Bush and a Presidential Citation from former President Bill Clinton.”

Through innovative approaches, extensive use of volunteerism and a spirit of excellence, Eli has provided award-winning child abuse prevention and domestic violence prevention programs throughout Orange County and has benefited thousands of victims since 1983,through emergency shelter, advocacy and outreach.

“Lorri’s extensive background and years of helping families in crisis have carried over to her position as an elected official,” Virgie noted.



“During my eight years serving the people of Anaheim on City Council,” asserted Lorri, “I was a passionate voice for working families.I fought to improve underserved neighborhoods with new parks and infrastructure and brought in nearly 3,000 new affordable housing units to the city.

Since her election in 2004, she was an integral part in the formation of the Anaheim Family Justice Center that opened in July, 2006 – the first in Orange County, creating a ‘one stop shop’ for social service needs. It is now called the Orange County Family Justice Center because it serves the entire region. The Center will change the way police respond to child abuse and domestic violence calls, according to Lorri. “It is an integrated system that will be a collaborative effort between the Anaheim Police Department, Social Services, Judicial System, and shelters and will include a national crime database detailing stalking and domestic violence crimes.”

During her time in office, Lorri focused on issues that would bring clear and tangible results to residents and local businesses – “and that is what I will do as mayor,” she promises.

“Anaheim needs a mayor,” says Lorri, “with experience, who takes strong action, follows through on promises, and offers specific steps to address our many challenges and move Anaheim forward.”

Lorri is married to her childhood sweetheart, has two daughters and is a grandmother.