Spurred by their Concerns about “Our Community” Linda and Paul Leary Donate Five-Acre Parcel Land in the Lancaster area, California

Thanks to the referenced land donation, plans are underway for a building to house abused children and the elderly under the aegis of the

Glorious Heart Foundation, a non -profit entity: a 501 (3) (c) non-profit entity Tax ID: 81-4994348



The Foundation, with a mission to “provide support to inter-faith ministries and the community in general,” will sponsor its Second (2nd)  Annual  Fundraising Golf Tournament on August 10, 2019, against the backdrop of the Hidden Valley Golf Club, Norco, California.

Upon learning of the aforementioned land donation, one would quickly associate the Leary couple as philanthropists of note.  Living in a

metropolis that is Los Angeles, Linda and Paul, members of a Culver City community, have always wanted to help in their own modest way to lend their assist to the downtrodden which started with their participation in “feeding programs” for a great many mentally-challenged children in the area. They worked and achieved humbly on their own efforts. Establishing her own company some 2 decades ago, Linda is a real estate broker; Paul is a businessman, trained as a civil engineer in Manila, prior to settling down in California. They remain true to their intent to lend the very assist when and where it is direly needed. Likewise, they continue to identify with those who give of themselves voluntarily amid their adherence to their professional lines, observed accordingly by them since they launched their manner of response as part of their main creed.

Spurred by their annual participation in the homeland where they lent their support to the residents ofBalay Alima, a home for the aged and

the abused children housed by Buykal ng Kapayapaan, Trece Martirez, Cavite, Linda and Paul have just returned from a similar visit as they

distributed food items and basic necessities to needy families in Trece Martirez, Cavite, as well as to some families in the Patungan Cove,

Maragondon, same province.

It was learned that the displacement of the aforementioned families has been related to difficulties traced to “bureaucracy.”

“I cannot tell you how touched we were when we saw those families and their pitiful plight.  How thankful we were that we were able to lend a

helping hand no matter how small it was. We wish we could have done more, but our budget is very limited,” Paul said.

Linda joined her husband as they focused on the aforementioned mission to the ancestral homeland.

She reiterated how the role of donations, “big or small,” would assist in their organization’s plan to construct a building to house “the poor, the distressed and the underprivileged from the community.” Their family strongly joined them on the subject of  the referenced land donation in Lancaster.

Speaking about golf tournaments,  the Leary son, John Ray, was the “top U.S. finisher” in the Japan World Junior Golf Championship in the

nineties, held in Gofu, Japan, and was thus named Player of the Year by the Junior Golf Association. At a very young age, John Ray made more than 40 eagles, won numerous tournaments with equally the same trophies which attest to his continuing love for the sport.

The realization in proceeding further to respond to those who are in dire need of help has drawn support from a number of professionals in

the Los Angeles area.

The organization’s officers whose staunch leadership has inspired participation in the Los Angeles area likewise, serve on the board of directors:  Al Nabor, who heads his law office in Los Angeles; Mark Mardirossian, owner of a construction company who has a master’s degree in business administration specializing in non-profit organizations; Jose D. Gutierrez, who has a broad management experience; Minas Fournouzian, founder of The Family Hour Show on television; Leonor V. Fruto, a nursing professional who continues to work with multiple

outreach programs in the Philippines; Fely P. Calagi, a business leader, active in real estate; Maria “Nini” C. Maldonado, a real estate broker who has a vast experience in the field of chemistry and a community leader in the Glendale area; Carolina Y. Cotter, a real estate broker, donor and participant in “feeding programs for the homeless” in the Philippines’ Our Lady of Lourdes Community in Quezon City; Raffy Toting, an activeaffiliate at American Golf Corporation.

Leary, who serves as the president of the organization has added that the proposed building will likewise house a spiritual retreat center.  Together with his family who have voiced their opinions on how to lend an assist in housing those with particular needs, this space’s columnist wishes Linda and Paul well as they continue to respond to the plight of helpless people, particularly those who have thus far been “mentally challenged,” when solutions to their dilemma have been “pitifully slow in coming.”

Paul can be reached at: (310) 562-3285; FAX: (310) 837-6730.

Payment information: “We accept credit or debit card payments through PAYPAL.”

Checks’ payee: Glorious Heart Foundation, 10800 Pickford Way, Culver City, CA 90230.

Aside from Paul, the contact persons are: Leo Borado: (714) 310-2552; Al Nabor: (957) 818-1872.

In order to broaden and strengthen the base of community volunteers, the Leary couple jointly said: “We are open to ideas from individuals

and business owners who could help us facilitate the completion of this project.”

Construction of the building that is hoped to provide housing for the “mentally challenged,” will entail more fundraising movements.  But the

cause is worth all that it stands for: to be part of a crusade that is meant to lend the kind of help in these very trying times.

Sponsorships in reference to the fundraiser have been identified:

Platinum                  $    5,000.00………………….12 players

Gold                               2,000.00………………….  4 players

Silver                              1,000.00…………………  2 players

Hole                                   200.00…………………  individual player


To the readership of the Philippine News, this is the very first time in this columnist’s lengthy affiliation with the paper that she has made mention of a fundraiser in this space; she shares her knowledge that awareness and understanding of the needy through Linda and Paul Leary, spark from the heart. The generous spirit coming from the Leary couple, will, it is hoped, spread out to those who share His blessings.