Stacey Abrams, the Democrat who narrowly lost Georgia’s 2018 Gubernatorial Election: Holds Distinction of Delivering her Party’s Rebuttal to POTUS State of the Union Address

From her hometown of Atlanta, the former state representative of Georgia, made emphatic her working class roots: her critique focused on

President Trump for the most recent government shutdown: the choice of Abrams, 45, the very first black women leader ever nominated

by a party for governor, added another “first,” as unanimously selected as one chosen to deliver her party’s response to the February 5th

State of the Union Address by the current president


The Abrams opening statement provided the strength of her convictions.

“Just a few weeks ago, I joined volunteers to distribute meals to furloughed federal workers.  They waited in line for a box of food and a sliver of hope since they hadn’t received a paycheck in weeks,” as Abrams declared in strong terms how Donald Trump intentionally “make their livelihoods a pawn for political games,” in her opening assessment on the 45th president’s sweeping and inhuman decision, which “cruelty to the average working individual,” she precisely described without a shred of hesitation.

Continuing her first-person account of those who stood in line for relief, Abrams touched on her service record as the minority leader of the Georgia State of Representatives, as

she recalled how, in times of difficulty in the state, “The leaders of our state, didn’t shut down.  We came together, and we kept our word. It should be no different in our nation’s capital.

We may come from different sides of the political aisle, but our joint commitment to the ideals of this nation cannot be negotiable.”

Abrams was defeated by Republican Brian Kemp in November, after prevailing in a close primary in part, because she opted to focus on drawing out like-minded liberal voters

instead of attempting to broaden her appeal to swing voters. As records indicate, thus far, Abrams has not conceded at all in that very close defeat.

The aforementioned strategy was the offshoot or Abrams’ work with the New Georgia Project, an officially non-partisan organization she helped establish: it registered tons of

voters, mostly minority voters across the state during the 2014 election cycle. Had Abrams won the governorship, she would have made history as the first black female governor in the country.

In late November, the Abrams-backed group. Fair Fight Action, filed a federal lawsuit challenging the way Georgia’s elections are run.

By way of a stirring message not just to her fellow state constituents, Abrams reportedly stated: “This is the next battle for our democracy, one when all eligible citizens can have their say about the vision we want for our country.  We must reject the cynicism that says allowing every eligible vote to be cast and counted is a ‘power grab.’ as she referenced a record speech which focused on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who accused Democrats of a “power grab,” in an attempt to support making election day a federal holiday.

Abrams took it on her own to send a request to President Trump by imploring him to be forthcoming with the American people.

The Abrams’ essence of her aforesaid message: “Our power and strength as Americans live in our hard work and our belief in more.  While success is not guaranteed, we live in  a

nation where opportunity is possible.  But we do not succeed alone — in these United Stats, when times are tough, we can persevere because our friends and neighbors will come for us.

Our first responders will come for us.”

Abrams expounded about the record shutdown which she called a “stunt engineered by President Trump, one that defied every tenet of fairness and abandoned not just our people——but our values.”

For seven years, Stacey Abrams led the Democratic Party in the Georgia House of Representatives.  She worked hard to carve a path to independence and prosperity that she

dreamt would last a lifetime, whose mission belongs to our most urgent work “to realize Americans’ dreams of today and tomorrow.”

Abrams underscored how children deserve an excellent education, from cradle to career. “We owe them safe schools and the highest standards, regardless of zip codes, yet this

current White House responds inadequately while first graders practice active shooter drills and the price of higher education grows even steeper.”

In stronger terms, she continued: “From now on, our leaders must be willing to tackle gun safety measures and the crippling effect of educational loans; to support educational loans; to support educators and invest what is necessary to unleash the power of America’s greatest minds.

“Under the current administration, far too many hardworking Americans are falling behind, living from paycheck to paycheck; most without labor unions to protect them from even worse harm.

“Even the Republican tax bill rigged the system against working people.  Rather than bringing back jobs, plants are closing, layoffs are looming and wages struggle to keep pace

with the actual cost of living.  We know partisanship could craft a 21st century immigration plan, but this administration chooses to cage children and tear families apart.

Fortunately, Stacey Abrams has not abandoned what defeated politicians are inclined to do.  She admitted she will run for office again, but she’s not focused on which one.

It was learned how the Senate’s Minority Leader, Charles Schumer strongly picked Stacey Abrams to run for the Senate next year against the GOP Independent David Perdue.

Were Abrams to emerge winner over Perdue, the Democratic odds of winning control of the upper chamber, would increase.

Some political analyses have indicated Abrams’ position invoking possibilities: if she won’t run for the Senate, she’s likely to be on the short list of vice-presidential choices in

2020’s summer. When Abrams launched a statewide tour in her home state to thank those who supported her in her quest for the governorship, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that

52 percent of registered Georgia voters view her favorably; Kemp’s approval rating just 37 percent.

The future does look bright for Stacey Abrams who has been known to serve the people of Georgia, her home state!  More power to her!