The glory of Pacquiao triumph

The recent pugilistic demonstration of 8 division champ Manny Pacquiao captured thesweet imagination and pride of the Filipino.  Once again, he received the title of World Champion in the Welterweight Division.  His countrymen were all amazed and to think that his opponent was not so-so.  Lucas Mathysse is a first class boxing hero too and he was called “El Makina” for his brute energy. Pacquaio loves to confront boxers who never run like Crawford and Mayweather.  Mathysse is a deadly choice.    But after 7 rounds, Manny Pacquaio showed his greatness.   Here is a one-man template telegraphing to the world that there is such a good country like the Philippines where he came from.   This is so, notwithstanding the fact that some bashers are pulling the rug from the under the national foot.

While Manny Pacquiao was being hailed as a legend on world stage, his compatriots cannot be persuaded to just applaud in one corner.  They also wanted to be seen with the champ as if the talent and excellence of the boxer came directly from their generosity!And, what a shame and suspenseful sight to behold a group of elderly citizens cramming, crawling and yelling upstaging the protagonists of the game.  The boxing stage is good for only a few persons.  As a matter of fact it was designed to carry a maximum of load of 20 persons.  But as soon as Manny raised his hand in victory, an influx of Filipino go-getters could be seen jumping into the stage, staggering, shouting, weeping as if they were the ones who captured the belt.  And if my eyesight could be trusted, these kibitzers must be numbering in 50s!  Kudos to the Malaysian engineers, the boxing stage did not implode at the weight of these media grabbers.

Manny Pacquiaomust have been embarrassed by this pedestrian display of uncalled for braggadocio.  They were everywhere almost covering physically the winner.  They were there not to celebrate the single handed achievement of their compatriot but to be seen by their friends and relatives, neighbors and fellow kibitzers in their home turf as a celebrity.  In their minds, the status of   being luminary could be rubbed off.  Never mind if they were just ordinary, lucky than normal, fortunate at that time, but it was an accomplishment to be seen on globalplatform.  It was of course done in poor taste and I could just see people sympathizing at them for their unfortunate posturing.

I was reminded of a story told not long ago about a conference held in Singapore.  It was attended by several representatives from different nations in Southeast Asia.  In a famous Hall of the Department of Justice, the first day of the session began.  Each representation was composed ofa ten- member contingent.  The speaker after the usual ceremonial rites called the attendees.

“May I request that ONLY Leaders of each contingent to please rise as soon as I call the name of the country represented” the emcee pleaded.


A youthful man rose up, smiled instantly and bowed with reverence and thereupon introduced his equally youthful delegation.

The audience clapped.


A man in turban majestically stood up, gave his name and introduced one by one his company.

The audience clapped.


A man in his late 60s rose up, bowedslowly at the front and respectfully stooped at the audience then introduced his members.

The audience clapped.

“The Philippines.”

ALL 10 representatives STOOD UP!

The audience was stunned.