The James Comey Historical Phase that led to the Mueller Special Counsel Investigation

Spurred by the infamous Comey “discharge” as FBI Director ordered by POTUS: Mueller Findings in Full Will Reveal the Truth in Due Time


                                Why Comey’s statements maintain their value in a nation that is meant to uphold democracy


In late March this year, Robert Mueller, special counsel, delivered his findings in the Russia investigation to the Justice Department headed by the newly-appointed head, Attorney General William Barr.  In a very brief period, word spread far and wide that Barr had released his summary of what he identified as Mueller’s findings: Donald Trump and his associates were not guilty of conspiring

with the Russians in the 2016 presidential election: Thus, that supposed outcome overwhelmed the Trump camp with unmitigated joy.

However intensely awaited by millions, the Barr translation of the Mueller findings (almost a two-year work) did not conclude that the report was not made on: “whether the president had obstructed justice.”

Maximum rejoicing was expressed by the Trump camp. The president widely broke into his well-known, well-underscored tweets: “No Collusion, No Obstruction, Complete and Total Exoneration, Keep America Great!”

Donald Trump’s opponents did not hesitate to indicate how they frankly and honestly felt about the very brief interpretation by Barr re the Mueller Report.

What lent immense and intense hope is how the Mueller’s actual report will reveal: how the truth will provide the degree to which his findings will be rated: damaging or not to Trump himself.

It will be recalled that the Mueller work was filed some 600 days before the presidential election of 2020, long before all of the Democratic candidates came forward to declare their candidacy. Mueller was appointed special counsel on May 17, 2017, curiously, just eight (8)days after Trump fired Comey as FBI director..

The majority of the American populace do not need outside opinions to judge the 45th president of this country.  Many, many quarters who do not have political leanings have called Trump an

“incorrigible character.” They have their own interpretations of Trump and how he has prevailed since January 2017; their established beliefs will continue independently until Election 2020 will arrive.

There is absolutely nothing that can change Trump as a human being, as one who would fill what would define as the “essence of the man.”  Absolutely nothing, this columnist repeats, based on long-held reports as a businessman who changed his political affiliations as quickly as he sought the presidency of this country, as early as in 2015.

What is thus longer anticipated: Donald Trump will continue to do and state: Yes, proclaim egregiousness at its maximum. That atrociously and widely known part of the Trump character is here to stay.

As the world has seen and heard Trumpism, pretty much that has come from the man himself has been contrived in lies and more lies, as those who have kept track of their usage have come to thousands and thousands under the category of falsehoods in droves, humongous numbers still to be counted to date are therefore anticipated based on the chief character himself:  Donald Trump.

Returning to the Comey response to a media interview exclusively with Leslie Holt of NBC (National Broadcasting Corporation), the onetime FBI director said: “I hope, to all people, no matter where they are on the spectrum, that the FBI is not corrupt, not a nest of vipers, of spies, but an honest group of people trying to find out what is true.”

In response to a query put forth in the interview in reference to whether the “damage to the reputation of the justice system,” in particular, “the FBI, whether it has been worth it,” the Comey response

was “on balance.”  He had no element of hesitation at all when he emphasized the role of the FBI.

Comey went on to state: “I don’t think that we’ve seen in the history of our country; such as the president’s efforts to burn down an institution of justice because he saw it as a threat.  And the lies he told, forget about me, the lies he told about the agents of the FBI, ‘storm troopers,’ the lies he told about Bob Mueller, were terrible.”

The FBI director who was immediately relieved by Trump did not stop himself from saying: “In the long run, the institution will be fine, because the American people know who they are, and also knew this president, know what he’s like, I think the people of the United States are going to see what I know about the FBI: “These are people who are not in anyone’s tribe, they’re trying to find the facts.”

What’s been aired to the American public as announced by the Attorney General’s office, released in but a few days after the Mueller report was submitted to Barr, was a four-page

summary: it indicated that “Mueller found no proof that Trump criminally colluded with Russia.”

Likewise, the same summary said: “Mueller had reached no conclusion about whether the president has obstructed justice, although Barr wrote that he decided there was “insufficient evidence

to pursue an obstruction charge.”

Comey was honest enough to comment that he found parts of Barr’s letter “confusing,” especially those pertaining to Mueller’s position on whether Trump committed obstruction of justice.

The former FBI director, when asked how he felt about the most recent Mueller Report summarized it most succinctly: “I thought that’s potentially obstruction of justice and I hope somebody is going to look at that.  Again, the president appears to be saying, I don’t know what’s in his head…which is why I can’t reach the conclusion…that he appears to be saying is, “I got rid of this guy to shut down an investigation that threatened me.”

This space’s columnist does not see the end and conclusion of the Mueller Report.  The latter cannot depend on the brief interpretation of the Attorney General who hasn’t released the report in its entirety.  The American people will not stop until the report will be out without abbreviations. Indeed, without subtractions.  Without deliberate re-wording; without nothing short of the real Mueller findings.

The full, unedited release of the Mueller Report will definitely, without doubt, underscore democracy at its finest, revealing how the history of this great nation has been long-established and

how the American people will insist on nothing short of the truth that should be known by them because it is theirs to uphold.

Nobody has the right to withhold what belongs to all Americans in good times and in bad.  The people are entitled to nothing else but the truth. Their most-loved country was founded on truth.