The Kavanaugh saga must end soon

He may or may not be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice after next week. It all depends on the results of the ongoing FBI investigation, a second background check on a high court nominee. But one thing is certain: Judge Brett Kavanaugh has found a place in the history books, and not always for the best reasons.

His background speaks volumes of his competence. A Yale graduate, Kavanaugh has consistently shown that he knows his law. This has not been questioned too much except by those who believe he is too conservative and may one day vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade if he ever makes it to the high court.

But as a result of his testimony before the Senate Judiciary committee last week, however, a cloud of doubt has been raised over his character. Not his legal expertise, but his character.

That cloud was raised by Professor Christine Blasey Ford, whose gut-wrenching testimony of what she says was a sexual assault on her person by a young Kavanaugh during their high school years has scarred her for life.

Kavanaugh too gave his own painful testimony of a frustrated man wondering why all the hard work he had done for more than three decades was being demolished in what was essentially a political quarrel between Democrats and Republicans.

One thing is clear: If Ford is telling the truth, then Kavanaugh must be lying. And vice versa.

It is not known how much can be unearthed by the FBI in the one week given to learn the truth. Besides Ford, at least two other women have publicly stated that Kavanaugh committed or performed unwanted sexual acts on them.

Meanwhile, questions have also been raised about how hard a drinker Kavanaugh was in his younger days. This may not seem important to some as many a young man and woman were inebriated frequently enough in their youth before growing up and learning the value of self control. But it is important because the SC nominee may or may not have done things that can be construed as criminal acts of a sexual nature as Ford has testified.

It is no secret that countless acts of sexual assault occur against helpless girls and women all the time, not just in the US but all over the world. For whatever reason, they never bother to report the crime. They may be too ashamed or they may feel guilty. They may wonder if they brought the sexual assault upon themselves. Or they may be afraid.

That Ford and her husband had gone to a therapist a few years ago – long before Kavanaugh was nominated to the Supreme Court – says that something did indeed happen to her. Unfortunately, what that something is can only be known with absolute certainty by two persons, Ford and Kavanaugh themselves.

Years and decades from now, the saga of Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford will be remembered the same way that Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill will be recalled. It will be embedded in our history books as yet another great American tragedy.