The Predator

Leaner, meaner

The fourth installment in the Predator franchise, The Predator (2018) is one of the most highly anticipated films of the year. Excitement ramped up even more after San Diego Comic-Con, when 20th Century Fox released a new sneak peek of the upcoming movie.

A creepy poster for the movie, showing a Predator face made up of human skulls, was also released.

According to the movie synopsis, Rory McKenna, a troubled autistic boy with unusual language learning skills, discovers a piece of the Predators’ alien technology and unintentionally triggers an alert that brings them back to planet Earth from the outer reaches of space.

The Predators are now stronger and deadlier than ever before after having mastered technology to genetically upgrade themselves using DNA obtained from species they conquered across space. The fate of humanity now rests in the hands of a ragtag group composed of ex-soldiers, and a science teacher, who team up to hunt the Predators.

The Predator (2018) stars Logan villain Boyd Holbrook as former Army Ranger Quinn McKenna. McKenna’s young son, played by child star Jacob Tremblay, is a troubled autistic boy bullied at school.

Rory, Quinn’s son with his ex-wife Emily, accidentally triggers an alert that brings the Predators back to Earth. Quinn discovers that the Predators have landed on Earth but no one believes him. So he assembles a team of ex-marines to track them down.

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) actress Olivia Munn plays Casey Bracket, a disgruntled science teacher and biologist, while This is US TV series star Sterling K. Brown, plays government agent Will Traeger. Traeger jails Quinn but later finds that he needs him to track down and stop the Predators.

The movie, written by Fred Dekker and Shane Black, is scheduled for release September 14.