The Rule To Obey

Oh, praise the LORD, all you servants of the Lord,you who serve at night in the house of the LORD.  Lift your hands toward the sanctuary,and praise the LORD.  May the LORD, who made heaven and earth,bless you from Jerusalem.—Psalm 134:1-3

Pressing through the difficulties of life with this perspective in mind is not a walk in the park, but it is worthwhile. Trials provide the opportunities to deepen our relationship with God.  They also provide the heavenly windows to learn lessons in life that worldly success fails to teach us.

One day I drove my two little daughters to the home of their friend.  They were so excited because they had all of Saturday to play together and have lots of fun. When we arrived at the house, I walked them to the front doorstep and rang the bell.  Their friend was quick to open the door and greet us.  The faces of the girls lit up with excitement and they were raring to go.

I asked them to settle down for this one final word before leaving them for the day saying, “Girls, before you go on to spend the entire day together, I have but one important rule for you to obey.”

This statement, of course, was followed by a big, “Aw, Daddy come on!  We’ve waited all week for this day!”

Nevertheless, I continued to elaborate on this point and said to the three girls, “The rule to obey is … ENJOY!”

Are you thirsting after God?  Are you basking in his purpose for your life?  We can get so caught up working in the kingdom we forget to spend time with the King.  When it comes to your relationship with God: “The rule to obey is enjoy.”


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