These are the leaders Philippine News endorses

A few days from now, the mid-term elections will be held. It has long been clear to us that the Nov. 6 political exercise will be hugely important, especially for the Fil-Am community,

Every so often, Philippine News endorses candidates for political office. Some have been Republicans, some have been Democrats. This newspaper prides itself in being politically independent. As such we are free to endorse men and women running for public office based on their qualifications, and the support we feel they can extend to our community.

Some say next week’s elections can send a message to President Donald Trump, be it a positive message of support or a negative message of disapproval.

We do not agree. These are mid-term elections. Every state, every district, every city and town will be electing officials that must take cognizance of the particular needs of their particular constituencies. We can pass judgment on President Trump when he runs for reelection two years from now.

This year we are proud to endorse a wide group of candidates, many of whom are Fil-Ams.

To be clear, we do not endorse them simply because of their racial stock. That would be a mistake. We must first be convinced that these men and women will do a better job than the opponents they face.

We are under no illusion that our endorsement will miraculously turn the tide in favor of our preferred candidates who are facing uphill climbs. But we feel that they need our wholehearted support, particularly those who aim to break glass barriers.

As the state of California has always been the home of Philippine News, we can rightfully claim that we know the needs of our state best. As such, we are herewith endorsing the following men and women, to wit:


US Senate                                    Kevin De Leon

Governor                                      Gavin Newsom

Lieutenant Gov.                            EleniKoulanakis

Treasurer                                        Fiona Ma

Controller                                        Betty Yee

Attorney General                            Xavier Becerra

Insurance commissioner                Ricardo Lara

Secretary of State                            Alex Padilla

State of Equalization                       Malia Cohen


Then there are the various counties which have large pockets of Fil-Am voters. Many of these bets are known to us personally, and we can vouch for their ability to get the job done.


Alameda County  

Alameda State Assembly              Rob Bonta

County Assessor                             Phong La

Union City council                          Pat  Gacoscos

Alameda City council                      Stewart Chen

Tony Daysog

Alameda School Board                   Mia Bonta

Oakland Mayor                                Libby Schaaf

Oakland City council District 6  Marlo Rodriguez


Santa Clara County

County Sheriff                               John Hirokawa

Milpitas Mayor                              Jose Esteves

City council                                    Gary Barbadillo


Contra Costa County

El Cerrito Mayor                             Gabriel Quinto


San Mateo County

Daly City  Council                    Ray Beunaventura

Pam Di Giovanni

Rod DausMagbual

Assembly District #19             Phil Ting

South San Francisco City Council  MarkNagales


Assembly District #22           Christina Laskowski

Congress                                  Christina Osmena


Whoever you, our dear readers, opt to give your precious votes to, we hope that when the winners and losers are known, we all get together and work for the common good of our community.

The important thing is to exercise your right of suffrage. On Nov. 6, please go out and vote wisely.