To ‘answer fear,’ Kris Aquino undergoes tumor marker tests

Kris Aquino’s drastic weight loss is evident in these photos dated March 20 and September 26, respectively. Instagram/@krisaquino

MANILA — After alarming fans with her drastic weight loss in recent weeks, Kris Aquino revealed on Monday that she underwent tests for tumor markers to “answer that fear.”

The 47-year-old actress-host flew to Singapore over the weekend to seek medical attention after having noticeably lost weight in a span of a month, amid a business dispute she is planning to take to court.

“Let me be categorical: all tests for any tumor markers were negative. Because of my very evident weight loss I had tests done to specifically answer that fear,” Aquino wrote in an Instagram update late Monday.

Aquino’s mother, the late former President Corazon Aquino, died of colon cancer in 2009.

Aquino is set to undergo several more tests in the coming days, she said, but did not give specific details. She did share, however, that “three areas of my health” will be attended to by a specialist in Singapore.

Those are aside from her continuing treatments for hypertension, severe allergies, and migraine with prescription medication, Aquino added.

According to Aquino, she has been briefing her 11-year-old son, Bimby, regarding some medical terms “so he’d understand what may lie ahead.”

She said that her son with ex-husband James Yap “needed the assurance that his mama would fight bravely.”

Aquino went on to ask her followers to pray not for her, because “I now completely surrender to God’s merciful care,” but for Bimby and her older son, Josh, amid this trying episode.

“Kahitsinongmagulangmaiintindihanpoako, gagawinnatinanglahat wag langmasaktan, ma-agrabyado, o mahirapanangmgapinakamamahalnatingmgaanak. Isasakripisyonatinanglahatmasiguradong okay sila. That’s what happens when you become a parent, you wholeheartedly surrender being number one,” she said.

Aquino’s health scare follows her revelation of an unnamed business partner’s “betrayal,” which she said has taken on a toll on her physical well-being.