Tom Rodriguez, Carla Abellana preparing for family life

It’s now the future that sweethearts Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana are preparing for, quietly making plans in raising a family. Of late, the couple had been spending much time in looking for an ideal house.

“I’m looking for a bigger house. I want, at least, a four-bedroom house. Bigger than what I have right now,” Carla said, referring to the townhouse she bought a few years ago in Quezon City where she stays.

“What Carla means by a bigger house is one that is not only for her but for us and our future family,” Tom qualified. “We have decided to look for a house which will be our home. We are into planning already. I am also researching, asking around for houses that are available in the market.”

It’s not just the size that Carla considers but security as well.

“I want a secure neigborhood. Mahirapyungbiglanalang may dumadaannahindimokilala. Security is very important especially that we are planning to start a family in that house. Aside from security, I want a place namaramingpuno, yungnapakapreskongtingnankasisiyempre, gusto komagandayunglugar for my family,” she explained.

With these talks, people must be right in saying that marriage for them is in the offing.

“I hope soon,” Tom said with a smile. “We’re talking about it but we have decided to make a checklist first before we settle down. Among those in the checklist is buying a house so pagnakabilina kami, we’ll go to the next item in the checklist then eventually get married.”

In two weeks, Tom will be done taping for his primetime series “The Cure” on GMA. But that doesn’t mean that he and Carla can devote more time in looking for a house together.

“I won’t be busy as much after this and it’s Carla who will be devoting much time to work in her new soap, so ako, I will just rest, stay in my condo and draw,” Tom enthused.

It’s been quite a while since Carla had a regular drama series so the new project brings her a different kind of excitement.

“I have already discussed the project with the creative team and I can just say that the project is big. Parang in the tradition of a big Hollywood series. The other day, I was told who the other stars will be so the more that I felt really excited. I cannot wait to work with my co-stars. Some of them I haven’t worked with so it will be a new experience for me,” Carla shared.

As Carla prepares for her upcoming series, Tom wraps up work with The Cure.

“When we were about to start taping, I was very happy because The Cure, I felt, was not the usual fare that networks offer to the viewers. Now that it is about to finish, I still feel excited about the story. The ending might just be not the type that the viewers are thinking. Angdami pang mangyayari so better keep on watching. As I have always said, The Cure is something different from the usual TV  usual TV series,” assured Tom.