Trillanes sees ‘opportunity’ vs ‘Polong’ in libel case

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV welcomed on Sunday the filing of a new libel case by Paolo Duterte in relation to the smuggling of P6.4-billion worth of shabu last year.

Trillanes said it would be his “opportunity” to subpoena the bank accounts of the President’s son.

“I welcome the filing of the libel case because it will be an opportunity to call Polong as a hostile witness, so he would be compelled to show his tattoo on his back to prove that he is a member of a Chinese triad drug syndicate,” Trillanes, who was known to be staunch critic of the administration, said in a statement.

“It would also be an opportunity for me to have his bank accounts subpoenaed,” he added.

On Wednesday last week, Duterte filed the libel case against Trillanes before the Davao City Prosecutor’s Office.

In his complaint, Duterte said Trillanes described him and his father of being “illegal drug smugglers.”

Earlier, Duterte and his brother-in-law filed a libel case against the senator who allegedly accused them of extorting money from a transport network vehicle service.

Trillanes branded the libel case as another form of harassment by the administration.

Trillanes has been seeking refuge in the Senate since President Rodrigo Duterte revoked his amnesty and ordered his arrest. /cbb/