Truth That Corrects Untruth

“Better to be criticized by a wise person than to be praised by a fool.”—Ecclesiastes 7:5

While speaking at an annual festival held in mid-March, a young radical leftist member of the Democratic Party,insinuated that America is “garbage.” The representative criticized former President Ronald Reagan for presenting a “racist” vision of the country.  There’s an underlining orchestrated effort by their party to demonize the entire American experience and tradition by degrading anyone and anything that doesn’t pass their own radical agenda.

Here’s the tragic truth.  These newly-elected young radical leaders could end up being the leaders of tomorrow.  So, it’s important that we don’t dismiss their radical propaganda, but discern it as the erosion of truth and freedom.  In fact, anyone interested in preserving our freedom, our way of life, and our country’s historical record of triumphs and tragedies, must use these moments to teach a new generation.

Untruths become truths if they go uncorrected.

Truthful criticism against leftist leaders and fake news reporters corrects their foolish agenda.  We need to speak truth to the lies spun by the left who want to control speech, not encourage more of it.  The control of criticism signals the loss of free speech.

Here’s the question.  Does free speech exist in America today if millions of people feel afraid to speak their minds for fear of being demonized, threatened, and ridiculed at your places of work, places of education, or even places of worship?

Wise counsel, though beneficial to us, is still quite difficult to accept.  And foolish praise that tears us down is far more dangerous to hear.  But the truth remains.  Apart from bad counsel or foolish approval, we all need wisdom, even if it is hard to hear or hurts us deep down inside.