Ukraine eyes stronger military ties with PH

Ukraine is eyeing stronger ties with the Philippines for the supply of equipment and further exchanges with the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

VadymShkliar, press secretary for Kiev-based Spets Techno Export, said President Rodrigo Duterte was “impressed” with Ukrainian military equipment and technology such as aircraft and armored vehicles.

This after Duterte paid a visit to Spets Techno Export’s booth during the 3rd Asian Defense, Security and Crisis Management Exhibition and Conference (ADAS 2018) held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City recently.

Shkliar said President Duterte expressed interest in military transport aircraft, the AN-178, after showing to him its capabilities through virtual reality technology.

The President was also accompanied by Ukraine Ambassador to the Philippines OleksandrNechytaylo and Spets Techno Export acting director VladyslavBelbas, agreeing with President Duterte to accelerate the signing of the agreement on military technical cooperation between Manila and Kiev.

Shkliar also said it will be better for Philippine representatives to personally see their equipment in Ukraine, adding that the agreement between the two nations would undergo “long process.”

“We have planned some trips of some visits of your representatives to Ukraine, so we are preparing them some shows, trials for them and we will show them some real-time combat-proven solutions,” he said.

“[The Philippines’] high level officials are very impressed with our aircrafts for military transport. These are the major points for our operations,” he added.

Shkliar described the proposed agreement as a cooperation at the “highest level.” He said an agreement between the Philippines and Ukraine will open the window for technology transfer between the two countries.

He added Ukraine is willing to set meetings with Defense Secretary DelfinLorenzana, citing Ukrainian representatives in Manila.

Spets Techno Export is part of the state concern Ukroboronprom, which represents Ukrainian defense products during ADAS 2018 in Manila.

Shkliar said it was the first time for Ukraine to showcase their equipment at a Philippine-organized defense exhibition.

Germany is also keen on deals with the Philippines, particularly with the Philippine Navy.

Peter Kneipp, regional director of sales in Asia for German company Luerssen, said they were asked by the Philippine Navy to submit a proposal for the procurement of offshore patrol vessels.

He also said officials from the Philippine Navy went to their booth to check on the ships that Germany is offering to navies across the world. Some of the countries that have sourced their ships from Germany include Brunei, Indonesia, Turkey, and Singapore.

“The ship [in our company], we think, it is suitable because it is very flexible and it has a lot of space on both the flight deck but also on the so-called mission deck and can be applied for various missions that gives a lot of flexibility,” Kneipp added.

Apart from offshore patrol vessels, Luerssen also manufactures fast patrol boats, patrol boats, corvettes, frigates, mine warfare vessels, and naval support vessels.

Luerssen said the company also delivers ships to the German Navy. The company has shipyards and offices in Lemwerder, Wolgast, Hamburg, Aumund, Rendsburg, Berne, and Wilhelmshaven while its headquarters in at Bremen, Germany.

Besides Ukraine and Germany, the other countries that took part in the defense expo were the United States, South Korea, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Israel, India, Pakistan, Turkey, China, Australia, among others. (TMT)