Very recent poll figures and statistics zero in on former Vice President Biden’s quest for the presidency of the United States

Reports from CNN (Cable News Network) bring the most recent poll numbers in on the Biden announcement do not come as surprises at all




Former Vice President Joseph Biden was reported as having jumped 11 percentage points to 39 percent.  The latter information indicates that Biden shows a 34-point lead over Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), who is in second place at 15 percent support. The latter information indicates that Biden shows a 34-point lead, over Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), who is in second place at 15 percent support.

Biden’s support from, various Democratic voters’ statements indicate he is “surging.”  The surge evidently was the result of a New Hampshire media report that zeroed in on the 20 percent for Biden, followed by Sanders and South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigiege: their ratings were both marked at 12 percent.  A remark has surfaced about the Buttigiege momentum and how it has lessened its pace. (Earlier, it was learned how Buttigiege came into the picture welcomed by those who favored his cause.)

Listening to the ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation) morning program, “Good Morning, America,” most recently, Biden was asked to elucidate on his own motto vis-à-vis the much-heard Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again.”

The Biden comment was promptly enunciated “Make America Moral Again.”

Biden underscored the “return to the “essence of what we are, the dignity of the country, the dignity of the people.”

“End this God-awful deliberate division that is being taken in order…to aggrandize his own power!” the Biden statement continued to state.

Reports indicate how the aforesaid Biden opinion has been called: “The Post announcement Bump.”

That very same Biden response has been described by the media as one that earned him an 11-point polling “bounce,” that has bequeathed more than what it apparently is: “head and shoulders” above the rest of his co-party candidates.

Other top polls indicate post Biden announcements: “39 independents who are Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents have said how he is their top choice for the nomination,” up from 28 percent who had the same commentaries in March 2019, thus their statements place Senator Sanders, identified as holding 18 percent in the polls, roughly 30 points ahead of the next strongest candidate, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren at 8 percent.

Interestingly, Senator Warren is ranked in the same percentage as Mayor Buttigiege, 7 percent; former Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke, 6 percent; and Senator Kamala Harris

of California, 5 percent.  All four represent the list of candidates at 5 percent or more in the aforesaid poll.

The remaining presidential 17 aspirants/candidates tested, it was learned, all held the support of 2 percent or less.

At this particular period of announced candidates for the presidency, a translation of the Biden surge is apropos: it lends strength to his status as the front runner in a race that has

20 candidates representing the Democratic field.

There arises a need to enter an evaluation of the Biden campaign message as it has been centrally focused on Trump than his Democratic counterparts: the Biden candidacy repeatedly aired on Twitter and Fox News: how Biden himself has highlighted his personal ties to former President Barack Obama, with whom he served as the latter’s choice as vice

president for two terms.

CNN’s most recent information on the Biden quest for the presidency: “His lead extends across almost every major demographic or political group although it is cut short among

younger voters 31 percent Biden, to 19 percent Sanders, among those below age 45; Liberals 32 percent Biden, to 19 percent Sanders.

Likewise, about a third of potential Democratic voters identified with a “preference” in the same presidential race say they will “definitely back the candidate they currently support;

yet, 64 percent state they could still “change” their minds.  There are those who say they are “locked in,” and have been identified as more “apt” to back Biden 50 percent in that group

support, consisting of 21 percent Sanders, 8 percent Warner.

However vocal those who have been asked about their current preferences for the top post of the land, their choices have been identified as “rising,” and greatly matched those

near the most elevated point of the “horse race.”

Evidently, Biden is popular among potential Democratic voters, per more poll findings with 81 percent stating “they have a favorable view of he former vice president, identically

the same as when CNN last polled on his favorability rating in December 2018.

Curiously, all but 7 percent of Democrats and Democratic leaning independent voters know Biden well enough to have a certainty about the former vice president who served long

terms as senator of Delaware: half (51 percent) say they know “very little.”

Even among his current supporters, 40 percent say they know “just a little, or nothing at all about those positions.”  Younger Democrats, in particular have underscored the latter

remark.  Another point of interest: potential Democratic voters are largely unified in considering it v ery important for the party’s nominee to back aggressive action to slow the effects of

climate change, 89 percent considered the latter “very important.”

The much-heard term: “We shall see,” is going to be heard more often between now and the 2020 elections.”

The next few months will ear more watching than ever before.