Vote for whom, sir?

With every passing day and week, I am more and more convinced that President Rodrigo Duterte has lost all his marbles.

This week, he asked the Filipino people to vote for Freddie Aguilar. Last week, he said all Catholics were fools for believing in saints who were mostly drunkards. Oh, and he also said the people should venerate only one – Saint Rodrigo Duterte.

As usual, Malacañang said that the president was only joking. But a video of him issuing the statement shows that Mr. Duterte was not exactly in a joking mood when he lambasted all Catholics, who comprise between 80 to 85 percent of all Filipinos, even if merely nominally in some cases.

I will not comment further on his hatred for the church. If there is a heaven and a hell, Mr. Duterte’s final destination is a foregone conclusion. At least his idol Ferdinand Marcos can welcome him when he finally ends up at that hot place. Maybe the two of them can plot to overthrow Satan.

Mr. Duterte’s endorsement of the candidacy of folksinger Aguilar must also be one of those things that should be dismissed as a joke. A look at the guy’s recent record says that he does not belong in the Senate, but rather behind bars.

Two things need to be pointed out. One may seem like a minor point, but deserves to be raised as an explanation of his character.

A couple of years ago, Aguilar kicked his daughter Megan out of his house. The reason? She did not approve of his new partner.

For those who are unaware. Megan Aguilar is a singer like her father. She was never as successful as her old man who is admittedly a good composer, but was at least a competent songstress.

Well bad old Freddie kicked her out of a house that he owned despite knowing that she had nowhere to go. This, after having her sing for the longest time at a folkhouse he owned at rates below what he was paying other entertainers.

Great dad, huh?

But what really got his goat was Megan’s disapproving of his new girlfriend. What was wrong with the girl, you might ask? For one thing, she was exactly that: a girl. In other words, when Freddie Aguilar began seeing and having sex with the girl, she was still a minor.

This makes him a pedophile, doesn’t it? And consider that Aguilar is already a senior citizen makes matters worse. He said having sex with a minor was perfectly all right since the sick relationship had the approval of the mother.

Yet Mr. Duterte wants the people to vote for Aguilar? The president reasons that the singer is “a brilliant man,” adding that he really likes his songs.

So that qualifies him to a Senate seat? I think not.

The president has only endorsed one other candidate for senator in next year’s elections. This would be his personal valet, Bong Go.

Officially, Go serves as special assistant to the president. In truth, he is little more than a servant who does anything and everything the president tells him.

So Mr. Duterte wants to place a manservant and a pedophile in the Philippine Senate?

I should say thanks, but no thanks. But I can’t because the past Senate was really the pits. It had three men who were accused of, and were incarcerated for, receiving millions of pesos in kickbacks from their pork barrel funds, which had been allotted to non-existent projects. All three of those crooks are now running to reclaim their old seats in next year’s polls.

If any of the three plunderers, the manservant, or the pedophile make it to the Senate, then very clearly the Philippines is in a messier state than anyone can imagine. It may be so bad as to be hopeless.

I wonder. If a stripper were running for senator, would Mr. Duterte endorse her too?

Next year, we will find out how mature or immature the Philippine electorate is as of 2019. As always, we can only hope for the best but prepare for the worst.