‘Wag natayong choosy,’ Kris Aquino on her short role on Crazy Rich Asians

Since April last year, the Queen of Digital Media, Kris Aquino, has been hinting, through her Instagram and interview with PEP.ph, that she was very excited for a new big project.

Netizens were quick to speculate that Kris will star in the movie adaptation of famous author Kevin Kwan’s best-selling book, Crazy Rich Asians, after Kwan followed Kris on Instagram. Kris also welcomed Kwan in Cebu when he visited the country to promote his book.

It turned out that indeed, Kris would play a cameo in the movie by Warner Brothers.


Kris will play the character of Princess Intan, a multimillionaire Malay princess who belongs to the VVIP (Very, Very Important Persons) guests in the grand wedding of Colin Khoo (Chris Pang) and Araminta Lee (Sonoya Mizuno).

Kris’s appearance in the movie was short — less than three minutes. But she said, “It’s more than a cameo—because may speaking lines.

“But it’s something na I’m sure hindimae-edit out because she makes a grand entrance in the wedding.

“Hindi akotakotnamatsutsugiako, nanasa editing room floor ako.”

The actress said that even if her role was short, it’s still a big deal for her.

One Instagram follower of Kris commented, “We watched it last night and its a very nice kilig movie, bit disappointed though kasiwala pang 3 minutes yung appearance mo dun and habang nag-da-dialogue kahindinamannaka-focus sa ’yoyung camera anubeyen.”

Kris answered, “The character of Princess Intan wasn’t even in the book—ginawan ng producers ng paraan to include me—so wag natayong choosy.

“The fact na the only Asian royalty in a film entitled @crazyrichasians came from the Philippines, I am GRATEFUL.”

More comments of the same content appeared on Kris’s Instagram but the actress decided not to answer them.

For her, the most important thing was that she was part of the Hollywood film. She thanked Warner Brothers for the chance.

Warner Brothers, “THANK YOU for the opportunity to represent the Philippines.”

Crazy Rich Asians will be shown on August 22.