What does the Mueller report really say?

After 22 months of what must be presumed as thorough and objective research, Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally completed his report on the supposed Russian meddling in the 2016 elections last week.

As required by law, Mueller submitted his report to Attorney General William Barr, who then revealed what he felt were the most important conclusions of the document in a letter to Congress a few days later.

Unfortunately, Barr’s letter left many questions unanswered.

In brief, Barr said the report did not find President Donald Trump had colluded with the Russians to sway the elections in his favor. This is what Mr. Trump had been saying all along. He was naturally ecstatic that he had been exonerated of a crime that was tantamount to treason.

And while the president should be happy, he has no reason to celebrate. Not yet anyway.

While the full report has not been released to the public, and there’s a good chance it may never be, Barr did admit that Mueller had all but accused Mr. Trump of obstruction of justice.

Indeed, the president had refused to cooperate with the Mueller team in any way. Still, Mueller’s reputation as a dogged investigator is well earned. He unearthed enough evidence to conclude that the president had committed serious wrongdoing during his campaign for the presidency and immediately after.

Mueller may be done with his work, but the House of Representatives is only beginning of what is expected to be a series of investigations based on some of the data gathered by the special counsel.

There have been growing calls for the report to be revealed in full to the public. Then and only then will everyone be satisfied of the conclusions reached by Barr. To keep that report secret is to admit that there may be multiple cases that can be brought up against Mr. Trump.

The fact that a number of the president’s closest associates have been indicted and have pleaded guilty in some cases says that he has surrounded himself with high powered individuals of ill repute.

The veil of secrecy must be lifted as soon as possible. As for Mr. Trump, we have always held the belief that a person who has nothing to hide has nothing to fear.

He should therefore take the lead in calling for the release of the Mueller report to the public in full.