When a primary should be held before the 2020 elections its role should never be shunted aside because it is a fundamental basic preliminary to elections, the voice of the people

             Firstly, a primary will be an indicator chosen by those who believe in challenging the ‘now’ leaders who are bound to show proofs of their leadership and why they believe their country continues to need them as the ballot will be the one and only proof that the voter                         will rely on strongly to entrust leadership that should be the giant indicator expected of a president




The next nationwide elections are considered of utmost significance. Their role is not just coming out of the scheduled presidential elections.  But 2020 has long been anticipated as the one fundamental and basic step which the Americans anticipate with boundless anxiety.

One strong voice among tried and true political leaders who have served this nation in elected capacities lies in their thoughts: “Why Trump should be primaried?”

Why not?

Among the Republican leaders themselves, they have not been quiet at all in stating why a primary should be accomplished before the election itself.

Of course, there is hardly any doubt that the 45th president of this nation would strongly take a stand, based on what he would classify as “fake news” should his challengers’ accomplishments be laid out.

In truth and in fact, it is an assumption that any Republican now contemplating the challenge to face such a candidate seeing re-election as Trump announced the first day he took office might be faced with information from the Trump followers that such a step to vie for the presidency vis-à-vis Trump will, in all likelihood, undertake a truly difficult, and more notably, a thankless political task of enormity that would, in all probability, be on the way to political defeat.

Anyone who has delved into the history of the presidential runs in this country is not at all unknowing of the truth that it is not the easiest task through this nation’s length and breadth to topple a sitting president coming from one’s own political party.

The truth, as each American knows about its chief executive today is how Trump, far from being known as the leader that his predecessors strove to be: the leader of the world’s highly regarded nation is worlds apart from the truth.

The above reputation has not just been centered on the United States citizenry; it is a well-known reputation known by today’s world, something that arrived early in 2017.

Although it’s been a latent belief that an outgoing president should still be out for re-election, the consensus hasn’t shown any of that need for Trump.

Trump’s critics from his own party have been generous in saying that history has long indicated how it’s close to impossible for a sitting president to be toppled by his own party.

Yet, as the word has spread out, Republican leaders’ voices have not been stifled at all. They continue to declare what they believe is the sole say: the truth.

One who has held top positions in the GOP has said: “Trump is not the usual president, however. He doesn’t care about the consequences of his error(s) in judgment, nor does he

try to state how he should correct himself.  Instead, denials and lies, quantities of falsehoods topping all broadcasts each single day have been identified and traced to Trump as the Chief Executive.

As a simple citizen, I am so riddled with shame to even try to say Trump has gigantic lapses in judgment, all proven by everyone who has come out to say fearlessly what they are.

Continuing a statement directed at the president, the same speaker said: “He is a person of horrible character who corrupts everyone around him, undermines essential social  standards, and is branding his party with an image of bigotry that will last a generation.”

It is this space’s columnist who has denoted the sadness coming from time-tested elected figures of this nation.

Woefully, a great number of die-hard Republicans who have admitted (and still continue to admit) how they’ve seen Trump change his political status from Democrat to Republican to suit his personal whims, do not hesitate at all to denounce the president because, apparently, he has given corporate tax cuts and evidently, his appointment of conservative judges, including two to the U.S Supreme Court appeals to their individual beliefs.

Heard over television interviews, corporate leaders who have been asked about their political views on the alternative to Trump, who should express his views on the leadership of

proven Democrats, say without fear of contradiction: “not many Republicans placed that much weight on matters of character.”

However, some Republican leaders have never stopped themselves from praising certain tried and true representatives who have served the country via the ballot say very honestly that “decent, solid Republicans,” like Bob Corker and Mitt Romney should continue to be models on the definition of leaders in representation of the citizenry.

From my personal observation on what has been taking place since Donald Trump took office in January 2017, what is right and what is righteous should be guides, regardless of  social beliefs, religious background and political motivations.

I continue to believe that in spite of well-known odds of success by the two political parties, someone coming from the Right must not hesitate to step forward.  That particular move would represent a principled protest against Trump’s cruelty (already proven countlessly) as expressed in his loud voice on racism, corruption, numerous and repetitious lines of lies that continue to stay on the scene with the speaker himself repeating the same everywhere he has a large audience identified as an organized campaign stop where believers in Trumpism continue to declare incessantly: “Make America Great Again.”  Instead of talking about the degree of greatness, it is now in its counterpart: the reverse.  How many presidents before the age of Trump told thousands of lies that continue to be multiplied as the months continue to be overflowing with Trump’s followers?

In terms of the quantities of lies and falsehoods being collected and unfolded as the right time comes along, there are more and more of the same variety: fabrications and repeat performances of quibbling, manufactured incidents and more enlarged sizes of ego and untruths of self-description and self-praise.

Someone who has the character to combat right with might versus the 45th president of this nation should never, never hesitate to prove that traditional conservatism is alive.

It is difficult for any non-politician to set aside what she/he has absolute belief in: the absolute right to fight for the soul of their political beliefs; the rights, liberties and freedom that have characterized this great nation, that stays rightly identified as the bulwark of independence.  Isn’t the latter responsible for the character traits that have made this country what it is: a leader for all time.



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