Why I am a Republican and why Filipinos should vote for Republicans

“Republican women are more beautiful than Democratic women,” I told a beautiful woman who asked me why I am a Republican, at the 2012 Republican convention in Florida that nominated Mitt Romney for president. She gave me a buzz on the cheek. Look no farther than Melania Trump vs. Michelle Obama.  https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/AQPq8seS9CLaVAF88VmqeE4bzmZBoVbOSjqs-qjFKXK5x-OIBND7EFI/

 Fuera de los buenos.

Republicans have treated Filipinos better than the Democrats. After the Spanish American war, President William McKinley, a Republican, decided to take the Philippines instead of giving them back to Spain or to a third nation like China or Japan. If the Democrats who opposed McKinley had prevailed, Filipinos would now be eating with chopsticks. Susmariosep.

Democrats double crossed Filipinos. When World War II broke out, Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt called on Filipinos to join the war, promising them American citizenship and full veterans benefits. But after the war, a Democrat controlled Congress broke the promise, leaving more than 200,000 Filipino soldiers who survived with an empty bag. Que lastima. The Rescission Act of 1946 signed by President Harry Truman, a Democrat, provided that service by Filipinos in the U.S. military should not be deemed to have been in active military, naval, or air service for the purpose of any law conferring rights, privileges, and benefits by reason of such service. Despreciable.

It was a Republican-controlled Congress that granted U.S. citizenship to Filipino WW II veterans. I drafted the bill for my friend Republican Congressman Tom Campbell of California, who sponsored it. Muchos gracias.

President Ronald Reagan, a compassionate Republican, whom I met while campaigning in California, granted amnesty to more than three million illegal aliens. Compasivo.

The Obama administration went to the Supreme Court to prevent Filipino immigrant children who turn 21 while their visa petition is pending from using the priority date of their parents. The Court of Appeals had sided with the children. Thus, their parents would have to file new petitions for them with a new priority date. Desalmado.


Republicans favor life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Republicans are religious, hardworking, self-reliant, and thrifty. Many Democrats enjoy welfare benefits at the expense of honest Republican taxpayers. Republicans are conservative and want fewer taxes. Democrats are tax and spend liberals. Republicans do not want acid and abortion. Many Democrats love illegal drugs and abortion. Republicans want a strong military to protect America.

“If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans,” writes Ann Coulter. If Filipinos had any brains, they’d be Republicans.