Why I am Not a Republican

By:  Melvyn M. Rosales

To paraphrase the so many ills of Trump with blessings from several of his GOP cohorts, allow me to enumerate a few more as follows: NDA against Stormy Daniel and Kathy McDougal by paying them hush money, which Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen admitted is a violation of laws on campaign financing; Violation of emolument clause of the constitution that forbids Federal employees that includes the Office of the President from using their respective offices to conduct personal business practices that benefit themselves; Paying $25M to the State of New York and to the students of the now defunct Trump University for fraudulent practices; Lawsuit filed against Trump Foundation for using donated funds for business expenses other than Trump Foundation’s business-related expenses that incidentally, has no business permit issued by the State of New York; The 5,000 lies (and counting) of Trump; The separation of parents from their children at the border, which despite a court order to unite them, has been lagging; Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement; Trump’s pronouncement that he and Kim Jung Un “fall in love,” while insulting our allies; Republican’s contentious confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh (who is now one of the two justices of SCOTUS considered sexual predators) using FBI’s sham investigation; What about the13 packages containing live explosive devices sent to Obama, Clinton, Holder, Brennan, Waters, Biden, Soros, Harris, Clapper, Booker, De Niro, Steyer, including CNN. This Friday, the FBI arrested Cesar Sayoc, 56, in Florida as suspect in mailing these packages.  Unsurprisingly, he is an ardent Trump supporter, his Twitter feed is full of incoherent attacks on Democrats and the media.

As these latest developments unfold, Paul Waldman of The Washington Post published his viewpoint yesterday, Thursday, i.e., “In Trump World, Bombing Attempts Were Predictable.” He wrote that Trump gave his supporters an “apocalyptic picture” of diabolical fantasies of dooms that the Democrats would bring to the United States that actually believing it would cause one to literally bomb the Democratic Party and its supporters.

Additionally, an editorial of the New York Times gives an Armageddon scenario entitled “What If The Republicans Win Everything Again”  that would include the end of Robert Mueller’s investigation the loss of health insurance for several million people, New Laws that make it harder to vote, more tax cuts for the rich, more damage to the environment, denaturalization of legal immigrants, and Republican Party molded even more in the image of President Trump.

By the way Mr. Tipon, obviously, you are also an immigrant, either as a 3rd preference (professional) or one who benefited from chain migration.  Did you know that chain migration that also benefited Melania Trump’s parents would be dismantled if Donald Trump had his way?

In the light of the foregoing, should I become a Republican and vote Republicans so it’d continue to wreck havoc on my life and that of my family and friends in particular and the United States, in general?