Why Love Grows Cold

I pray that your love will overflow more and more, and that you will keep on growing in knowledge and understanding.—Philippians 1:9

How can we be sure the love we have for Christ will never grow cold?  We can begin by examining ourselves to be certain that we are truly in the faith. If we truly belong to Christ, we can be confident that we possess the kind of love that can never grow cold.

When we first came to Christ, we started strong in our walk with him.  The fruit of the Holy Spirit bloomed and faithfulness freely flowed from our hearts. And then the tough stuff of life happens.  We did not plan to grow cold spiritually.  But we did.  Somehow, we can wake up after a number of years and discover that our lack of passion for Christ has gradually gone cold and the flow of faith has run dry in our hearts.  We then find ourselves living in the ruins of a once-vibrant spiritual life.

How can this possibly happen?  It comes about when we forget this one thing.  When our lives get busy, it’s often tempting to see God as good for saving our souls but insufficient in providing for our lives.

We didn’t start out walking with God only to ignore him when we grew up.  The reality is, growing up shows us how much we really do need God.  Like the lost prodigal son who longed for freedom, we come to our senses and realize that life apart from our heavenly Father isn’t the kind of freedom we imagined it would be.

A 15thcentury theologian once said, “The soul of man bears the image of God; so nothing can satisfy it but He whose image it bears.”