Why Real Estate IRA?

Did you know Real Estate is our most popular investment strategy?

Self-directed IRAs are the only retirement arrangements that allow individual investors the freedom to pursue alternative investments, such as real estate. Investing in real estate with a self-directed IRA offers many benefits to those who are looking for creative ways to save for the future.


4 Reasons to Consider Investing in Real Estate with a Self-Directed IRA

  1. Tax-Free or Tax-Deferred Earning

Self-directed IRA investing offers great tax advantages to real estate investors, though the exact benefit will depend on the type of account used. If you use a self-directed Traditional IRA, for example, you will not have to pay taxes on contributions or earnings until you start taking distributions during retirement. With a self-directed Roth IRA, however, your earnings will appreciate tax-free, allowing you to enjoy your profits without hassle from the IRS.

  1. Wealth of Options

When investing through a self-directed IRA, your real estate investment options are nearly endless. Choose between rental properties (both residential and commercial), undeveloped land, fix n’ flip opportunities, mortgage notes, REITs, and more.

  1. Secure Future for You and Your Family

If you are an experienced real estate investor, you could be using your knowledge to help secure a comfortable future for yourself, as well as your family. Self-directed IRA rules protect your retirement savings from debt collectors, which means investments held in these accounts are more safeguarded. Self-directed IRA rules also allow you to leave these savings to your heirs, so successful investing could mean a significant inheritance for your children


  1. It’s Easy to Get Started

All you have to do to get started is open an account, and fund it. There are three ways to fund your self-directed IRA:

Transfer or rollover an existing retirement account, such as an employer’s 401(k), into a self-directed IRA or make regular, annual contributions to your account. Once your account has cash in it, you can start investing immediately! You can even partner with other investors until you have enough cash to invest in real estate on your own.


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Disclaimer: Before you invest in this business sector using your IRA, it is best to consult with your investment, legal and tax advisor. Proper due diligence by you the IRA holder is recommended before entering into any transaction.