Why we like Bernie

The 2020 presidential elections is still a long way off, but this early we are excited. He may or may not become the nominee of the Democratic Party, but this early we are throwing our support for the one and only Bernie Sanders.

We know what many will say. He’s a nice guy, he has a clear vision of government, but he’s too old. To this we say yes, yes, and no.

We agree that he is a visionary and that he really is an honest-to-goodness nice person, but we disagree that his age will work against him. If anything, he can bring a wealth of wisdom to the White House that comes from his many decades of experience in public service.

Obviously, Bernie Sanders is still mentally sharp. Physically, he appears as able as any senior politician.

Best of all, he can excite the electorate like no other politician today. Recall that in his glorious but ultimately failed bid to become the standard bearer of the Democratic Party in 2016, his candidacy was propelled by the youth.

In Sanders, America’s youth saw a no-nonsense leader who was not the typical back-slapping, baby-kissing, traditional politician. They saw a man of integrity, competence and heart.

He had a folksy charm reminiscent of the late President Harry S Truman. Most of all, his fans and followers of all ages felt that he could be trusted; with their lives, their future, and the security of the country.

We knew that his was a quixotic bid to win the nomination of his party. He neither had the money nor the machinery to defeat Hillary Clinton.

It need not be so this time around.

Everyone is fully aware that there are a good number of Democrats who have already declared their candidacy, and many more are expected to join the fray. All believe that they can defeat Donald Trump.

The reason is obvious. Mr. Trump’s popularity rating remains low, even as his presidency is showing signs of imploding. He has shown himself to be a one-trick pony, with little else to offer his base except a promise to build a wall that few want, and even less believe will succeed in impeding the flow of illegal drugs and criminal elements into the US.

Worst of all, Mr. Trump is showing an inclination to think and act like a tyrant, with no respect for the law whenever his personal interests are affected.

With the majority of Republicans acting like servile sheep to the chief executive, it is incumbent upon the Democrats to present a challenger who will not only beat but demolish the incumbent president next year.

Any one of a handful of presidential wannabes among the Democrats could conceivably beat the present White House occupant. One of them stands above the rest.

The 2020 elections may still be a long way off, but for now we see no other candidate better suited to defeat and replace Donald Trump as president of the United States other than Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders in 2020? Absolutely!