Will Attorney General Burr’s Reactions on the Mueller Findings Re-elect Trump?

The very brief Burr “redactions” are due anytime now.  House Democrats have long prepared for the complete “Findings” but are still awaiting them


A newly-learned concept has arisen:  Barr’s refusal to hand over the full, complete version of what he received from the special counsel’s office has included his announcement to “examine whether federal investigators/authorities improperly spied on members of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.”  (A new twist?)

Such a piece of information has motivated the Democrats to prepare for nothing short of a legal fight soon to received the full repot:  that nearly 400-page report Mueller, the special counsel and his team worked on for close to 2 years; how 40 FBI special agents, analysts and other experts issued nearly 500 search warrants ,while questioning nearly 500 witnesses.

The William Barr rationale about his move to send a redacted copy to Congress: “Federal law, required him to scrub it off classified information, secret grand jury testimony, material connected to ongoing investigations, and details that could violate the privacy of “peripheral” figures in the probe.”

Reports have been circulating around that have been deemed “confidential” and have been bruited about how the referenced grand jury material could  be “extensive.”

In strong terms, Burr declared how he didn’t “plan to ask a federal judge for permission to release the full report to Congress, ” as he is virtually empowered to do.

The House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y,) strongly said: he would have a “look at what we get,” before issuing subpoenas for the complete, unredacted report.

A very recent statement from Barr’s appearance in the Senate illustrated how he believed the trump campaign had been spied on by FBI agents attempting to find out if any of the candidate’s aides

were colluding with Russia to sway the 2016 election.

“Spying on a campaign is a big deal,” said Burr.

He continued to be firm in his beliefs by staying “The question is whether it was adequately predicated.”

Barr strongly added how he intends to examine the ‘genesis and the conduct’ of the investigation and the Justice Department officials who approved it, saying, “I  have an obligation to make sure

government power is not abused.”

However strong Barr has been declaring on his thoughts in terms of his very recent leadership of his position as attorney general, leading legal minds have put forth the query: “We already know that
the Burr four-page summary of the Mueller voluminous report and his decision to exonerate the president of obstruction of justice was “a spin job.”

The very candid Mueller team members have complained “that the report contents are a good deal more damaging” to Trump.

Further, the same summary implied how associate team members have told the New York Times how others have “groped that the evidence they gathered on obstruction of justice was alarming and


The sole way by which conjectures, opinions about the Mueller Report, whether correct or otherwise, is for Barr to produce the complete report as was received straight from the special committee itself.

People who recall how William Barr was appointed to the attorney generalship and how, in a brief time, before Barr’s appointment, is predecessor was fired.  The people can likewise recall how the

first cabinet Department of Justice holder was fired: how he insisted he wouldn’t “mess with the Russia investigation.”

There is a current resolve going on in Barr’s position:  how Barr is “accommodating the President…”  isn’t it true how he’s held on to the special report something that he himself is following: that the American people will never see the light of day when the complete, extra-lengthy Mueller report be seen, read and absorbed by the American people which is their due and nothing beyond the truth?

In the event, the battle will go to court, it is not far from easy to expect the argument to turn on one point of law:  Congress will argue it needs the unredacted report to determine if Trump obstructed

justice…and thus fulfill its constitutional mandate of policing the executive branch.  Were Congress to be blocked from seeing and reading the report at its fullest, will it be hoped by “then the president would  effectively be immunized from accountability for wrongdoing while he is in office, putting him above the law?”

This space’s columnist, along with many others who believe that no one, absolutely no one, is above the law, would look forward with limitless joy to see how  the Constitution will be upheld.