Yee was one of only five Senators to earn a 100 rating from the California Labor Federation

SACRAMENTO – As a result of voting for 24 major bills to support working families and voting against bills such as SB 1161 to deregulate Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) earned the top score on the 2012 California Labor Federation Scorecard. Yee was one of only five Senators to receive a 100 percent record.

“I am proud to have a 100 percent record with the California Labor Federation,” said Yee.  “More importantly, I am proud to fight for and represent our working families.”

“While workers were under attack by corporate interests in the Legislature and out-of-state billionaires at the ballot box, in 2012, we successfully passed Proposition 30, defeated Proposition 32, and passed several meaningful legislative reforms,” said Yee. “In 2013, we must continue to be vigilant in protecting the rights of workers and assisting families.”

Among the bills included on the Labor Scorecard was Yee’s SB 967 to rein in executive compensation increases at the University of California and the California State University. While the bill failed by one vote in the Senate Education Committee, Yee has reintroduced the bill (SB 8) this session.

The California Labor Federation is dedicated to promoting and defending the interest of working people and their families. With more than 1,200 affiliated local unions representing 2.1 million union members, the California Labor Federation is actively engaged in every aspect of California’s economy and government.


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